Your rights: JobKeeper

Together is a union - an organisation made of members who stand up for and fight for worker’s rights. Unions like ours are the only voice for working people that are controlled 100% by workers themselves. We have put this info together for workers who might need a hand in these tough times.

This information comes from experts and lawyers employed by workers like you through their union, Together.

What is JobKeeper?

JobKeeper is a payment to employers to keep workers employed. It exists in its current form thanks to unions fighting to make sure workers were not ignored in this economic crisis brought on by the global pandemic.

How does the Federal Government’s JobKeeper system work?

Following pressure from the union movement amongst others, JobKeeper is the payment the government has created to try and keep workers employed. It is a payment that goes to your employer and then is passed on to you.

Does my boss have to pay me the $1500 per fortnight?

There are criteria for you as a worker – if you are employed (you haven’t been sacked or made redundant), you are over 16, and an Australian resident – you would be most likely eligible to get the payment if your boss has applied. Your employer must pass on the full $1500 per fortnight.

JobKeeper vs JobSeeker

JobKeeper is a payment to employers to keep workers employed, whereas JobSeeker is the unemployment payment. If you have been made redundant, sacked, or are a short-term casual who has lost their hours and want to check if you're eligible for JobSeeker, you can check here.

Know Your Rights

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Need direct help with JobKeeper?

Are you being asked to give up pay? Is your employer passing on JobKeeper to you? Have they followed the right process?

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