Together is the union for office workers - if you're in an administrative role, a call centre or reception role or another office-based position then this is your union.

You can be part of workers coming together to protect our rights at work and create a fairer society. It is important to know your rights and feel protected whatever your work situation. Sometimes managers don't follow the rules quite the way they should. Maybe an issue has come up between yourself and one of your coworkers or clients? Whatever matters arise for you at work being a union member means you have the backing of union delegates and office staff who can advise, assist and represent you if required.

Lots of our lives are dedicated to our jobs. Our work life is important - but it's not just about how much we get paid but what work is like when we're there and how we can balance it with our families, friends and home life.

Together is working to improve your working life every day – negotiating with employers on behalf of our members and campaigning for better jobs, better rights and better workplace policies. When working people speak together our voice is so much stronger than when we do it alone.