Your rights: Is it safe to return to the office?

Together is a union - an organisation made of members who stand up for and fight for worker’s rights. Unions like ours are the only voice for working people that are controlled 100% by workers themselves. We have put this info together for workers who might need a hand in these tough times.

This information comes from experts and lawyers employed by workers like you through their union, Together.

When can my employer reopen the office?

Returning to work in Queensland will occur in three phases - along with easing the general stay at home lockdown. Stage 2 commenced on 1 June. The advice from Queensland’s Chief Health Officer as of 1 June is that when leaving the home Queenslanders "must practice social distancing" and that some businesses can reopen with restrictions listed here.

Do I have any rights regarding my return to the office?

Under the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Act your employer must consult workers and Health Safety Representatives on the measures they have taken to ensure that your workplace is as safe as it can be.

Together and other unions are best placed to advise and assist you as a worker with knowing and enforcing these requirements on your employer.

If you or a member of your household is “vulnerable”, i.e. has health conditions that mean you are more vulnerable to Covid-19, there are conversations you can have with your employer (or the union can have on your behalf) to delay a return to work or better ensure your safety.

What can I do if I am worried about Covid-19 at work?

Your employer must consult – that is, discuss with workers about their health and safety precautions. We know this is not easy to enforce alone – and that is where your union comes in. Together can arm you and your colleagues with the information you need and provide help so you can make sure you are safe at work.

Know Your Rights

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